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Hope for the Hungry Food Drive

13abc’s Hope for the Hungry Food Drive

In 2013, WTVG-TV raised over 82,000 pounds of food during their HOPE for the HUNGRY Food Drive



Toledo Walleye and Campbell’s Team Up

Toledo Walleye and Campbell’s Team Up

During the 2012/13 season, The Toledo Walleye and Campbell’s teamed up to feed those in need. For every home goal the Toledo Walleye scored, Campbell’s agreed to donate 5 cases of product to the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank. The Walleye scored 110 season goals and 550 cases of Campbell’s product were donated! That’s a big win for those in need in Northwest Ohio!




(James Caldwell, President  & CEO, accepts donation

from Randy Frame, Regional President, First Energy)


Toledo Edison and First Energy continue commitment to TNWOFB

Toledo Edison contributed $4,470.00 to the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank through their Harvest for Hunger campaign this year.  This donation will provide more than 17,800 meals to those in need!
Corporate donations are an integral part of our organization’s capacity to feed the hungry. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the employees of Toledo Edison who continue to support our partnership to fight hunger in Northwest Ohio!



(Barbara, Food Bank Director of Operations

 accepts Target donation from Leslie, Target store Manager)

Thank you Target for your support!


On May 6, 2011, area Target stores will be donating in two ways. First, a number of their employees will be volunteering at the food bank. Volunteers will be sorting and packing donated product to make it ready for distribution.

They also presented the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank with a $749.00 donation. This will help provide over 7,000 meals to those in need in Northwest Ohio.  We are truly grateful to Target for their generosity.


(James Caldwell, President & CEO, accepts donation
 from PS Food Mart Stores)

PS Food Mart “Fight Hunger. Give Hope.” Campaign is Huge Success

May 20, 2011
The “Fight Hunger. Give Hope.” campaign has ended with a bang! This year, PS Food Mart locations across Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan were able to collect nearly $60,000. Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank received a $12,327 donation as a result of the drive.

"The entire PS Food Mart and Folk Oil teams are truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we received for our fundraising efforts," said Jim Linton, Vice President with PS Food Mart. "As a local business we know how much our customers and employees care about their community and their neighbors in need. Exceeding our goal by more than $10,000 really shows the spirit and care that exists throughout Michigan and Ohio. We are all extremely grateful to everyone who contributed to this worthy cause." ~Excerpt from CSP Daily News, May 17, 2011

We would also like to congratulate Holy Trinity St. Vincent’s, one of the food bank’s member agencies, who was chosen to receive $1,000 of this donation. Donations are a vital part of our operations each year and we could not carry on the great work we do without this support.

We would like to thank everyone at PS Food Mart for their generosity!


(Jim Caldwell accepts donation from Matt Simpson, La-Z-Boy Manager)


La-Z-Boy donates after holiday drive


March 2011
We would like to thank Matt Simpson and all of the people who supported La-z-Boy’s holiday drive. Through their efforts, $1,600 was donated to the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank. This type of donation can translate into 6,400 meals for the hungry in our communities!
We are grateful for the amazing support companies and individuals continue to show throughout our service area. Thank you La-Z-Boy for your partnership to end hunger in Northwest Ohio!


The Food Need

Fox Toledo News: Special Assignment

Published : Friday, 25 Feb 2011, 12:41 AM EST

Click here for the Video

Laura Emerson
FOX Toledo News anchor
TOLEDO, Ohio (WUPW) - If you've ever donated to a food drive and wondered where it goes, I have an answer for you.

Laura Emerson FOX Toledo News anchorTOLEDO, Ohio (WUPW) - If you've ever donated to a food drive and wondered where it goes, I have an answer for you.Laura Emerson FOX Toledo News anchorTOLEDO, Ohio (WUPW) - If you've ever donated to a food drive and wondered where it goes, I have an answer for you.

Of course sometimes the donations go right to a food pantry or kitchen for direct distribution, but a large portion of the boxes, bags and cans donated in our country go through one of the Feeding America network food banks.

The Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank on Woodruff Avenue is one of them.

It takes many pounds of food and supplies to care for the people in need who come to Western Avenue Baptist Church.

"We've definitely have a mixture in demographics," said Glen Ackerman. "We have a lot of young families that come in - gentlemen, single men who've been out of work for a number of months, or even years."

The food pantry helps about 150 a week, Ackerman said.

"I've been involved with the program for about three years and there has been, I've seen a moderate increase," he said. "Keeping my eyes open to what's going to happen in the next several months still, with the economy and things like that."

His church is one in a long list of agencies, distribution centers, and charity kitchens supplied by this massive warehouse.

But despite the size of this place, the items here are well cataloged and documented; helpful when there's something like a recall.

"We're able to track where an item came from, to where it is in the warehouse, to where it was distributed to in our member agency," said Barbara Grandowicz, Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank.

Some donations come from factories or major retailers in huge cases or flats. Others from local supermarkets in the form of fresh produce and bread, even meat and dairy.

Smaller lots, from food drives, have to be individually sorted, scanned and categorized, then put on the shelves.

Items are weighed as they come and go, so the bank can follow the need and their supplies.

It serves not only Toledo, but a huge, eight-county area - a fleet of trucks takes food out to places not close enough to shop the warehouse themselves, something people here say they believe in - helping humanity by feeding the hungry.

"The food bank is a wonderful place," Grandowicz said. "I've been here for about eight years now. I've never been really as touched or as passionate about anything that I've come across other than my children."

The Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank has seen the need increase in Northwest Ohio. From 2009-10, they saw an increase of more than 36-percent in the amount of food they distributed, from around 4 million to more than 6 million pounds of food.

Until we start to see significant job growth again, we're likely to see similar numbers in the need for food aid.


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