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The Different Faces of Hunger

The Faces of Hunger include working adults, children, seniors and the disabled. Feeding America’s 2010 Hunger Study, proves that hunger recognizes no bounds.

Face #1: Working adults and recently unemployed
36% of client households have at least one working adult
22% of the unemployed clients have been unemployed for less than 1 year
8% have recently lost their jobs (within the last 3 months)
32% of client households cite a job as their primary source of income
21% cite Social Security as the primary source of income
Only 4% cite Welfare as their primary source of income

Face #2: People in poor health and the uninsured

30% of the clients served have at least one adult in poor health
24% of client households have at least one adult living without any health insurance (This is an increase of 60% since 2005!)
46% of client households have unpaid medical or hospital bills

Face #3: Those with and without homes
10% of clients served are homeless or without a place to live
24% of soup kitchen clients are homeless
83% of emergency shelter clients are homeless
90% of all emergency food recipients have a place to live

If you would like to read the full report Hunger in America 2010, please click here.

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