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Feed a Family this Holiday Season


Tis the season for hats and warm mittens, hot chocolate by the fireplace, and delicious food shared with family and friends.

As the holiday season is upon us, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, we begin to ponder what in our lives we are most thankful for. Some of our lists might include our family and friends, our beloved pets, our favorite movies and electronics, our favorite store, and many other items, I’m sure! But what might not have made it to your list is the food you share with your loved ones during the holidays. The food you eat when you wake up in the morning, your midday snack, and the food you eat before you fall asleep at night.

Many families in our community wish they could be thankful for never having to skip a meal, but this is not a reality for some. While you are enjoying your holiday meal, think of those who do not have that luxury. Think of those who wish they could provide their families a Thanksgiving turkey, or a Christmas ham.

You have the power to make a difference in the lives of many this holiday season. For every dollar you donate, the Food Bank is able to provide 4 meals to those in need right here in our community. Be a part of the change. Donate to feed a family in need today. Together, we can solve hunger in our community.



    Make a Donation

    For every $1 donation, Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank can provide 5 meals.

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