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Press Release – 3/14/16


Kroger, UT, BGSU Team Up to Feed the Hungry

March 14, 2016

During the 2015 football season, every time a University of Toledo Rocket or Bowling Green State University Falcon player sacked the offending quarterback, Kroger donated sacks of groceries of $25 value to the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank. “That’s what I call charitable football,” said James M. Caldwell, President & CEO of the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank. “This is team play between Kroger, UT, BGSU and the Food Bank.”

On Wednesday, March 16 at noon, the new UT and BGSU coaches and team players along, with Kroger representatives, will present the end of season “Cash for Sacks” to the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank.

“Kroger, the Falcons and Rockets are unbeatable in helping the hungry people in our community,” said Mr. Caldwell. “One in 5 children is food insecure. There could not be a more important time to commit to doing everything we can to fight against hunger as many individuals and families are still struggling in this recovering economy,” said Mr. Caldwell.

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    For every $1 donation, Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank can provide 5 meals.

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