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Our Programs

Developmentally Disabled Volunteer Program

The Developmentally Disabled Volunteer Program is designed to help people with a wide range of cognitive and physical disabilities. We provide transferable skills that offer learning experiences for people with developmental disabilities.
Some of the activities include:
• Stocking shelves
• Sorting food
• Labeling
• General maintenance
• Office filing
• Stuffing envelopes
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 419-242-5000 x 203.

Kids Café
Kids Café provides afterschool meals to disadvantaged children in a safe and accessible environment.  It also offers children the opportunity to learn about hunger and nutrition through fun and enriching activities.

House Program

REIA of Toledo has partnered with the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank in fighting hunger in Northwest Ohio. Members from REIA help solicit house donations, rehab the homes (if applicable), and sell the house on behalf of the Food Bank. The Metropolitan Title Company provides the title work as an in-kind donation for the food bank. The proceeds from the houses are donated to the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank.

Mobile Food Program

Food distribution for our approximately 250 member agencies has gotten whole lot easier thanks to our Mobile Food Pantry program. Active agencies in good standing are utilizing this valuable resource to enhance their distribution days, and in turn getting more food out to those in need.

The Mobile Food Pantry program began in January of 2009 to serve qualified member agencies of the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank. Those who participate in the program are given the opportunity to provide additional tons of bread, fresh produce and other items to those in need. The food is brought out to member agencies locations either on the day of or the day before their distribution date at no charge.

To learn more about this valuable community service or for more information, call 419-242-5000 ext. 216.

Co-Agency Food Program (COA)

In response to requests from our agencies for additional high-protein items, the Food Bank started the Co-Agency Purchase Program (COA). COA Products are purchase by the Food Bank in larger quantities at wholesale cost to supplement the products traditionally donated. These products have included green beans, peaches, pork & beans, tuna fish, egg noodles, spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, corn, peanut butter, beef stew, and personal care items. Purchasing in larger quantities and eliminating the need for multiple trips by agencies has made this program a tremendous benefit to member agencies.

Ohio Agricultural Clearance Program (OACP)

OACP is an innovative collective effort of the Ohio General Assembly, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, member food banks and agencies, the agricultural community and local food processors. It is a collaborative effort with the primary goal of providing fresh produce and processed food products to clients while improving the capacity of member agencies to feed hungry individuals. Benefits of the program include preventing waste, providing nutritious commodities for food banks, and reducing losses for farmers and growers.

Ohio Food Purchase Program (OFP)

 A program administered by the Ohio Association of  Foodbanks, the OFP has significantly helped area food pantries to distribute additional food baskets to new clients. OFP consists of high protein and staple items distributed to food pantries at no cost to help them stretch their food dollars further. These products include macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, frozen sausage, chili, beef stew, green beans, corn, spaghetti sauce, and ravioli.

Back Pack Program

The Back Pack Program is designed to meet the needs of hungry children at times when they are most vulnerable, during school breaks and over weekends.  Back Packs are filled with food that they can bring home.

Harvest Market
The HARVEST MARKET is a grocery store on wheels that brings fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, dairy and other essentials to communities that would otherwise lack access to healthy foods. The healthier food options available at the HARVEST MARKET will help improve health outcomes and decrease the incidence of chronic nutrition-based diseases for food-insecure people.

The MISSION of the HARVEST MARKET is to increase access to healthy food choices with an emphasis on reaching those least served in a food desert. The HARVEST MARKET distributes exclusively in food deserts and customers are able to use their SNAP benefits.

A food desert is a district with little or no access to large grocery stores that offer fresh and affordable foods needed to maintain a healthy diet. Food deserts disproportionately affect socially segregated groups, specifically single mothers, children, and the elderly living in underprivileged urban neighborhoods, but can also affect rural communities.

The Harvest Market launched in August 2016.
Contact ltoney@toledofoodbank.org for more information.

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