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National Family Meals Month


We are excited to support and promote that September is The Food Marketing Institute’s (FMI) National Family Meals Month. During the month of September Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank will be sharing meal ideas, social media content and our website blog posts including the movement to help families enjoy more meals together at home per week. The FMI designed this program to support food retail through research and education on important topics including food safety, nutrition, and health.

According to FMI.org, the data on why family meals matter is awe-inspiring due to studies showing the significant scientific proof about the positive long-standing benefits to having a family meal. FMI states “Family meals nourish the spirit, brain and health of all family members”. The following were listed on FMI.org as results from studies:

    • Regular family meals are linked to higher grades and self-esteem and delayed sexual activity.
    • Children who grow up sharing family meals are more likely to exhibit prosocial behavior as adults, such as sharing, fairness and respect.
    • With each additional family meal shared each week, adolescents are less likely to show symptoms of violence, depression and suicide, less likely to use or abuse drugs or run away, and less likely to engage in risky behavior or delinquent acts.
    • Adults and children who eat at home more regularly are less likely to suffer from obesity.
    • Increased family meals are associated with greater intake of fruits and vegetables.

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    For every $1 donation, Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank can provide 5 meals.

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