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Advocate To Help End Hunger

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Together we can end hunger, but it’s going to require an active partnership between individuals like you, charities, the private sector and the government. It’s the only way we’ll end hunger in Ohio as well as America. Just like food banks, local, state and federal hunger-relief programs help people in need put food on the table. That’s why the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank has partnered with Feeding America and the Ohio Association of Food Banks to advocate for policies that will ensure aid to hungry families.

Join a growing list of Ohioans who believe Ohio should invest in a comprehensive approach to hunger relief by signing your name to petition the support Hunger Relief.

Feeding America also provides you with a way to directly communicate with your elected officials on important food and nutrition issues. Register today -- and invite a friend to do the same!

    Make a Donation

    For every $1 donation, Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank can provide 5 meals.

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